Fill-in forms

Below you will find the link to a few forms.
These are used to obtain basic information so that you can easily make an offer or selection.

> fill-in form form ducts & accessories: here you will find drawings
fittings where you can enter the details of width, height, etc.

> fill-in form fabric ducts : here you determine what the textile channel should look like: shape, color, application, length, etc.

> fill-in form Micro-perforated ducts: enter the data about the room(s) where the ducts are placed in order to determine the perforations.

> fill-in form Helios Air1 : what flow rate do you expect from the ventilation unit, what model do you choose (ceiling, outside), etc. to arrive at the appropriate device

> fill-in form Helios AirPal: fill in a few simple details and you will get an overview of the types of air purifier AirPal that are suitable.

> Checklist unit - AirMaid