General sales conditions

The details and prices in our price lists are only for information. We reserve the right to change them at any time and without any warning. Unless otherwise stipulated, our prices apply 'Departure from warehouse'. The buyer is supposed to have taken note of our terms and conditions and to agree to the transfer of the order.

Unless explicitly stated, the guarantee period is 12 months from the delivery date. Our guarantee only covers the replacement of the defective part, as far as this is not subject to normal wear and tear. The transport, assembly, hourly wages and all other costs, including the possible damage caused by the defect, remain at the expense of the customer.

Our delivery terms are only given as information. A late delivery, for whatever reason, can never give rise to cancellation of the order, nor to the payment of any fine or damage compensation.

The preparation or acceptance of bills of exchange or receipts does not entail debt renewal and the present conditions remain valid. Expenses related to unpaid bills of exchange or checks as well as other collection costs are not included in the lump sum compensation and are charged separately per buyer.

Any invoice remaining unpaid on its due date will automatically and without notice of default yield an interest of 15%, and will be increased by a lump sum payment equal to 15% of the amount due, with a minimum of €50.

The transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer of the delivered goods is suspended until full payment of the price and until full payment of all claims. In case of late payment, they can be claimed back by the seller. However, the buyer is fully responsible for the goods in terms of loss, destruction / damage, disappearance, even in case of force majeure or force. Bills or checks are only considered as payment when they are redeemed.

If the customer terminates an agreement unilaterally, compensation for the damage caused to the company is set at 25% of the contract amount unless we can prove greater damage. This amount is irreducible and is possibly settled with the advance already paid.

a) All complaints regarding the condition of the goods, and the preparation of the invoice must be submitted by "registered" letter within 8 days after receipt of the invoice. Complaints submitted after this period are no longer admissible.
b) In case of processing of the goods, we are relieved of all liability.

The goods, even sent carriage paid, travel at the risk of the addressee.

Return: goods can be taken back up to 30 days after sale provided that
1) concerns stock goods and
2) they are in original packaging and perfect condition. We charge a return of 20% for this. Return of the goods must be accompanied by the invoice or delivery note.

Only Belgian law applies. For all disputes are only competent the courts in the district of the seller.

Purchase and delivery conditions, of whatever nature, stated on the stationery or documents from customers / third parties are not binding on NVClima Construct. Only the present conditions are, to the exclusion of each other, binding and valid. Alteration or cancellation, in whole or in part of 1 or more provisions, will not result in any renunciation or cancellation of the other conditions of NV Clima Construct.

If the delivery can not take place at the scheduled time and for reasons due to the buyer and / or if the buyer has not picked up the goods at the scheduled time, the buyer will owe storage costs of €250, - excl. VAT per month.

An advance of 30% may be requested for air units and technical products.

Transportation costs

All goods are ex works. Transport costs are always charged for transport depending on the quantity (weight), size and distance. The transport costs are stated on the quotation and order confirmation.