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Our team

Anne Sanders
Boekhouding en personeel
Tel.: 03/355 32 31 GSM : 0477/25 85 30
E-mail: Anne (anne.sanders@climaconstruct.be)
Suana Geens
Logistiek, produktie en orderopvolging
Tel.: 03/355 32 30
GSM : 0473/45 22 46
E-mail: Suana (suana.geens@climaconstruct.be)
Johan Vercammen
Technisch Commercieel Medewerker - Kanaalwerk en producten
Tel.: 03/355 32 33
GSM : 0472/12 01 85
E-mail: Johan (johan.vercammen@climaconstruct.be)
Dirk Driesen
GSM : 0475/80 25 75
E-mail: Dirk(dirk.driesen@climaconstruct.be)
Manuella Goyvaerts
Marketing Medewerker
Tel.: 03/355 32 38
E-mail: Manuella (manuella.goyvaerts@climaconstruct.be)
Geert Krols
Verantwoordelijke atelier
Kris Willems
Sabin Ardelean
Daniël Nistor

Email details:

-> Price requests: sales@climaconstruct.be
-> Orders: order@climaconstruct.be
-> Purchase: invoice@climaconstruct.be
-> Accounting: accounting@climaconstruct.be
-> General: info@climaconstruct.be

Our company

Customization and fast delivery! Not exactly the combination you expect, but we have made it a point to always offer a fast service.

We are exclusive distributors of quality brands such as Helios (EC) fans and AIR1 units, AirMaid ozone-box and Wesper air handling units. We are at the top with the technology offered.

Technical specifications can be found per article in the web store. See also Technical info for extensive general information.

To be able to offer a total package, we have our own workshop for custom production: square channels and accessories and C2pir.

As a customer you can count on us to think along with the installer. Our own study department assists the installer to translate the wishes of the customer into an efficient ventilation system.